Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Mizanur Rahman Azhari has more than 7 lakh subscribers on YouTube with 1 video

Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Popular Islamic speaker Mizanur Rahman Azhari has opened a channel in his own name on YouTube. As of December 25, his channel has more than 8 lakh subscribers with just one video. The number of subscribers without any video exceeded one lakh.

He said this on his verified Facebook page on Saturday (December 19) night. He also shared the link of mizanur rahman azhari his YouTube channel for his followers with 1 post.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari is very popular through social media. Over the past few years, he has gained popularity by speaking at Waz mahfils in the country and abroad. He is currently in Malaysia.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari wrote in a Facebook post, Alhamdulillah. In my last status regarding the official YouTube channel, there were more than sixty thousand comments. I have tried to read almost all the notable comments. Subhan Allah! Mizanur Rahman Azhari of Your excellent and constructive suggestions have made me emotional. Sincere thanks for these wonderful suggestions. May Allah Tayala give you all a good reward on Mizanur Rahman Azhari. We will try to keep in mind the very beautiful suggestions given by you InshaAllah.

There has been a lot of subscription since I posted the link to the YouTube channel. On December 25, he posted a 1-minute 3-second video titled ‘Coming Soon Seafood Halal Or Haram’. The Mizanur Rahman Azhari video has been viewed more than 5 lakh (+) times. But so far the number of subscribers has exceeded 6 lakh 64 thousand (+).

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Source: jamuna.tv of Online Newspaper in Bangladesh.

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